Mahesh Babu is currently embarking on one of the most important journeys of his career thus far as he is working with Rajamouli for his upcoming film.

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Incidentally, there was a recent video clipping of Mahesh where he gets visibly agitated when his sister Manjula playfully touches his hair. A few eagle-eyed netizens dug deep and commented that Mahesh funnily says “WTF” when his sister touches his hair.

Now, Mahesh’s daughter Sithara has spilled the beans on this video and she gave the context for the same without actually touching on the swearing part.

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“My father doesn’t like it when someone touches his hair. Maybe that is why he got agitated that day. He told her ‘Don’t touch my hair’. Yeah, he doesn’t like when it happens.” Sithara said on a fun note.

This explains Mahesh’s agitated reaction that day from the viral video and gives the curious netizens a look into what actually happened.

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