Mallu Actresses Molested in Public Promotions!In yet another case of being molested in public, two Kerala actors who were promoting their upcoming film Saturday Night at a mall in Calicut complained of being molested amidst a huge crowd. Both actresses have called it a misogynist act and have demanded that such people need to be punished and made accountable to make public spaces safe and secure.

In fact, one of the actresses Saniya Iyappan took to her Instagram handle to write about the disgusting incident which left both the actresses scared. The incident occurred when the team was promoting the film in Calicut at Hilite Mall. There was a huge crowd of unruly people, trying to get pictures of the actresses and the poor actresses had to make their exit by walking amidst a crazy crowd.

One of the actresses did manage to turn around and kind of slap the person who touched her inappropriately. The other actress too took to social media to talk about the rather shameful act and how the Indian public takes actresses for granted and indulges in such heinous acts.

Thankfully, a video has emerged ratifying the statements made by the actresses, and netizens are miffed with such behavior in a metro city. However, the film’s team should have organized better security as the actresses had to literally swim through swarms of people towards the exit.

However, it is unclear if the actors want to take legal action against the offenders.