Pawan Kalyan’s significant feat in the Andhra Pradesh election where he led his Janasena to a smashing 21/21 MLA seats win goes down in history as one of the most effective political campaigns. As an icing on the top of the cake, Pawan is appointed as the deputy CM of the state by CM Chandrababu.

While Pawan Kalyan is on a dream run of sorts, his followers and JSP supporters are in love with one particular mega hero and he is Sai Dharam Tej. Though he made news by unfollowing Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy on social media, he is being loved by Pawan’s fans and Mega fans in general.

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Right from the day the alliance won and Pawan got wild accolades for his party in the formulation of the alliance, Sai Tej has been over the moon.

First, there was a video of Sai energetically clapping and whistling while Pawan was cutting a cake at Chiru’s house after the electoral mandate. Then there was a video of Sai lovingly hugging Pawan and lifting him. The sheer emotion in his body language was loved by the Mega family.

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Today, Sai has climbed the steps to Tirumala holy shrine as a “Mokku” for Pawan winning the election. This has brought him that much closer to the mega fans.

It is evident that Sai is enjoying Pawan’s win the most and in turn, Mega fans are in love with the way he is celebrating his Mama’s upswing.

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