Mishan Impossible Gets A Last Minute Fun BoostYoung actor Naveen Polishetty is an all-rounder. While his refined acting prowess impresses on the big screens, he carries a good aura off screen as well. He has the element of wittiness and sarcasm while speaking out in public. The same was seen at Radhe Shyam event in Hyderabad last December.

Coming to the point, Naveen has now come on board for Taspsee’s upcoming action drama Misan Impossible. He will be giving his voiceover for the film.

Going by the trailer, Mishan Impossible revolves around of group of kids who set out to catch Dawood Ibrahim and a police officer, played by Tapsee. There appears to be good scope for comedy in the narrative and Naveen has the potential to fully explore the same with his vocal prowess.

Naveen’s voice and his modulation carry a funny vibe and this could boost the cinema viewing experience of Mishan Impossible. He has the knack of lighting up scenes with his hilarious dialogue delivery. The extent of his voiceover in Mishan Impossible also has to be seen. It would be of great boost if his voiceover is blended into the narrative through the course of the film.

Mishan Impossible is slated for release on the 1st of April. The film is directed by Swaroop RSJ, who previously helmed Naveen Polishetty’s Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya.