Nag Ashwin Responds to Most Valid Criticism

Kalki 2898 AD grabbed enough attention, and star Prabhas did the job by pulling audiences to the theaters, but the criticism remains the same that many felt Nag Ashwin delivered a film with zero emotional connect. Fortunately for him, the graphics came to the rescue.

When a known female journalist asked the director what his self-assessment was about the emotional part in Kalki, she inquired, “Do you think you have done justice?”

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The director admitted that it was not planned for two parts, which is the reason why he could not do it justice.

Nag Ashwin said the writing part was a challenge. Writing four big characters was not easy for him. He admitted that he could have done it better. In retrospect, he wanted people to understand the world clearly, but in the process of making it two parts, it got diluted. Definitely lots of learning, he admitted.

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It is good to see a director not falling for collections driven by star power and other factors. Nag Ashwin should be appreciated for understanding and admitting that he made a film without emotions and weak character development. If he seriously works on this feedback, there is no doubt that Kalki 2 will be a memorable film like Baahubali.