Naga Chaitanya

It is known that Naga Chaitanya was committed to doing a film with Parasuram earlier but this got postponed after the latter got the offer to direct Mahesh Babu’s Sarkaru Vaari Paata. Later, Parasuram opted to work with Vijay Deverakonda, while the film with Naga Chaitanya went under the sheets permanently. There was a time when Chay even said he unnecessarily wasted time on Parasuram.

Now, Parasuram’s latest theatrical outing, Family Star opened in theaters. Setting aside the merits and demerits of the film, Parasuram’s work is being lambasted by many.

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The common comment on social media is that Parasuram wasted the talented pair of Vijay and Mrunal to make a routine commercial film with countless flaws. There are several trolls on his actual directorial capabilities.

There is a parallel trend on Twitter as many are commenting that Naga Chaitanya, for whatever reason, dodged a big bullet by avoiding the film with Parasuram.

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The old video of Chay saying that even speaking about Parasuram is a waste of time has started to trend on social media. Even Akkineni fans are saying that Chay was lucky enough to dodge this proposition of working with Parasuram, which, looking at his work for Family Star would have been shambolic.