Namrata Convinced Reluctant Mahesh Babu Mahesh Babu’s family is one of the celebrated and adored families in Tollywood. The dream to see Mahesh, Namrata, and his children under one frame was made into reality in 2019 through Sai Surya Developers TVC ad. The commercial was an instant hit that has got 3 million views to date.

While the commercial has been successful which also madeMahesh Babu fans happy for seeing the entire family in a single frame, not many know about the hiccups. Ad filmmaker Yamuna Kishore who shot the commercial has spilled beans that went behind into making the advertisement.

The ad filmmaker says that when he dropped the idea of making the commercial along with his family, Mahesh Babu was reluctant. In fact, he wasn’t convinced and suggested that he go for a solo one which will also be easy.

Namrata Shirdokar too was apprehensive and did not oblige for the idea. Facing the camera after so many years was also one of the doubts for her. However, later, having faith and trust in me, she not only agreed but also convinced Mahesh Babu,” Yamuna Kishore says.

The commercial was shot in mere four hours, but the team did the groundwork for nearly two months. “The image Mahesh Babu carries and so does his family. The kids are also equally popular and in order to balance it out, we had to do so much background work, but the execution was easy when it came to shoot,” he concluded.

Yamuna Kishore further dubs that when he came across Mahesh Babu interview clipping where the actor praised his work, he felt immensely happy. He felt that was rewarding.