Balakrishna - VennupotuLeading OTT Platform, Aha Video has planned a special episode of Unstoppable with NBK with the Akhanda team. The promo of the episode is out and in it, there is a small sequence Balakrishna talks about the infamous ‘Vennupotu’ episode and explains it emotionally.

The political rivals of the Telugu Desam Party often allege that Chandrababu Naidu conspired with NTR’s sons and other family members to dethrone NTR. The incident is often referred to as the ‘Vennupotu’ Episode. Balakrishna mentioned it in the promo.

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“People say Vennupotu. But when I talk about it, I get tears. Because I am one among his sons and also one among his fans,” Balakrishna says emotionally. This is the first time Balakrishna has talked about the episode in public and Aha Video should be credited for making Balayya talk about it.

Aha seems to have got the pulse of the audience right. Akhanda is a red hot cake right now dominating social media and public discussions. With the Akhanda team and a very interesting topic like this, the episode will be very exciting to watch.

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