Nepali beauty for Tarak Ratna

Nandamuri scion Tarak Ratna who is desperately trying for a hit had pinned high hopes on his next movie, Edhuruleni Alexander in which the actor is playing a tough cop. And the latest news is that actor is going to romance a Nepali beauty, Pari Nidhi in the movie. She is of Nepali origin but born and brought up in Hyderabad and Mumbai. Pari is also starring in the film titled ‘Eeshana’ directed by debutant Aravind Kumar. She made her debut with Gopika starring Krishnudu in the lead but the movie is yet to see the light.

A new comer Raja Reddy is making his debut as director with the movie. P L K Reddy is producing this film introducing Ponuganti Raja Reddy as director. Pocha Sahiti Danush Reddy is the presenter.Music director Dr Jyotsya Bhatla Sharma, who earlier worked as an assistant composer under A R Rahman is scoring the music.