Telugu OTT Movies

This week saw the release of some so-called horror and other films on OTT like Raghava Lawrence and Kangana Ranaut’s Chandramukhi 2, Jayam Ravi and Nayanthara’s Iraivan, Sudheer Babu’s Mama Mascheendra, Srikanth Addala’s Peddha Kapu 1, and a small film called Changure Bangaru Raja.

While many films do not work at the box office, they often find a more forgiving audience on OTT platforms. Home viewers, comfortable in their own space, tend to appreciate even average films.

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However, this week’s releases turned out to be a different story. All the above-mentioned films were disasters at the box office and the response from the digital audience is also nothing different.

Especially, Chandramukhi 2 has turned out to be a torture on OTT as well. Whoever watched this atrocity on Netflix has been pulling their hair in disbelief. Many are slamming Kangana Ranaut’s shockingly bad performance as Chandramukhi has caused them trauma.

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Sudheer Babu’s Mama Mascheendra fared no better, with social media buzzing that they couldn’t watch the film for even 20 minutes. Nayanthara’s horror-crime thriller Iraivan is also being hailed as unbearable by the OTT audience.

Notably, Peddha Kapu 1, which had received favorable reviews during its ‘paid’ premiers, failed to gain positive reviews and talk even after its OTT release. As mentioned in our review, Peddha Kapu is a technically well-made but hollow film.

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Overall, this week’s OTT releases didn’t offer any horror but instead turned out to be horrible films.