TDP-Ambati-Rambabu-YSRCPMinister Ambati Rambabu faced opposition from the people at every step of the Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam program. Minister visited Rajupalem of Palnadu district today.

A disabled woman accused the minister that she did not get a pension for three years despite applying. The officials said that their house has four electricity meters, that’s why the pension was not given.

As the minister left the place without answering, she got very angry.

Similarly, another person named Bullabbai criticized the state government and the minister saying that the YCP government is not doing anything for the people.

Seeing the situation there, the minister went to another street.

The minister’s PA has threatened the media representatives who filmed these scenes. It is reported that the police deleted the videos taken on the phones.

Later, while Minister Ambati was visiting another area in Rajupalem, a man asked for roads. The minister explained the schemes that the government had given to that person.

In the meantime, the YCP cadre following the minister said that he was a member of the Telugu Desam Party. The minister also asked, ‘Are you Telugu Desam?’

The minister left the place after telling how they will lay roads for Telugu Desam supporters.

This statement of the minister is in complete contrast to the CM’s claims of ‘Matham Choodam, Kulam Choodam, Party Choodam’.