No Substance But Silly Comparison With Pooja Hegde!Yash’s KGF2 has become a super hit and everyone associated with the film is seeing good exposure India-wide. One of them is model turned actress Srinidhi Shetty who played the female lead in the film.

She has become popular in social media and there are a few who like her. But the Kannada fans of Srinidhi are praising her highly and are comparing her to the likes of star heroines Pooja Hegde and Rashmika.

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There is a lot of hype about this topic on social media but is Srinidhi even worth such huge comparisons is the big question. If we see in reality, the role she had in the film was not that good and Srinidhi doesn’t even qualify for this sort of comparison and there is no substance in this topic.

Though she has the looks of a commercial glamor girl, in the days to come, it depends on what kind of films she will choose and land in next.

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