Oollo Pelliki Mahesh's Fans Hadavidi!Naga Chaitanya’s Thank You was released last week, and the box office story has been pathetic, to say the least. Everyone expected Akkineni fans to be trolled, but it was the Mahesh Babu fans who became the butt of the jokes.

During Thank You promotions, it was widely publicized that the hero’s character in the film is a huge Mahesh Babu fan, and there are plenty of Mahesh Babu references in the film. Since then, Mahesh Babu fans started owning the film more than Akkineni fans.

Chay fans were mostly silent, as they knew the film’s fate even before the release due to low hype. But Mahesh Babu fans were seen flying their collar high and slapping their thighs, saying, Thank You is a Mahesh Babu film, and superstar fans will make it a hit. Some were also seen saying that with the help of Mahesh Babu fans, Thank You could even collect 70 crore share.

But after the weekend, all Mahesh Babu fans have gone to shed as the collections didn’t even touch 3 crores share, according to trade experts.

This must be a lesson for all fans that they shouldn’t involve themselves in other stars’ films just because there is some reference to their fav star. Or else a result like Thank You awaits them.