Pushpa 2

As of today, RRR stands as the Indian film with the biggest OTT deal in the history of Indian cinema as Netflix paid a fortune for the global streaming rights of the Rajamouli directorial. And in accordance, RRR stood as a global sensation, fetching a humongous following in the global belts, including USA and Japan.

Cut to now, Pushpa 2 has reportedly fetched another record deal for the OTT rights of the film as there are reports that Netflix paid Rs 275 crore for the OTT rights of Pushpa 2. This is proposed to be the biggest deal in the history of Indian cinema, as quoted by a few media outlets.

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Pushpa 2 naturally has the sequel advantage and moreover, the first part was a huge hit on OTT. A big OTT deal is always expected for the film but fetching the biggest ever deal, according to a few media reports is a big deal.

RRR had Rajamouli branding, and two superstars Ram Charan and Jr NTR so the heavy-duty deals are a given, but in the case of Pushpa 2, the film is entirely revolving around the sequel hype.

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RRR was more than successful in justifying its heavy-duty OTT price tag and Netflix has again heavily on Pushpa 2, so we shall see how the Allu Arjun starrer fares.