Rajamouli's Curse On April ReleasesThe month of March witnessed the magnificent RRR , which enthralled the audience not just in India but also created a tsunami overseas. The rampage is still continuing at the theaters as the audience is not getting enough of Rajamoul’s spectacle.

But this experience has turned out to be a curse for the upcoming releases in April. There are many big-budget movies like KGF Chapter 2, Beast, and Acharya coming up in the next few weeks. But many in the trade feel that none of them match the big-screen entertainment value of RRR.

The audience is still in the hangover of RRR, and it is being assumed that the public is not ready to witness anything less than RRR, at least for the next few weeks.

Some people on social media are also going to the extent of advising the makers to postpone these releases for 2-3 months so that the RRR effect completely fades out from the memories of the audience.