Rajani believes in numerology, makes changes in title!

Silverscreen God Rajanikanth also seeks divine’s help. He proved that he is not exceptional in believing astrology and numerology which play key role in film circles. With the suggestion from well known numerologists, extra ‘I’ was added to the title of his new film ‘Kochadaiiyaan’.

Numerologis Sanjay strongly defended slight change in the title saying that modification brought success to many stars including Akshay Khanna, Shahrukh Khan and others. For instance, “Dabangg’s extra ‘g’ has given Salman Khan a big success.

Bigg Boss, also with a double ‘g’, has propelled success to the movie makers. Recently Shahrukh changed the release date to August 9th instead of August 8th with the suggestion from numerologists. Everyone knows it is a blockbuster.

Film circles say Kochadaiiyaan director Soundarya and others might have convinced Rajani for the change since it would not cause harm to anyone but instill confidence in the entire unit. The movie is expected to release in December 12th across the world in 15 languages.