Rajasekhar Following a Strategy‘PSV Garuda Vega’ came as a breather for senior actor Rajasekhar who was then suffering from back-to-back flops. Praveen Sattaru who is only a few films old gave him big relief with regard to his career. The senior hero seems to be following a strategy, now.

His latest tweet read, ‘Well… all I can say about my next project is that it is going to be Awesome.’ Though cryptic, the tweet definitely gives us the hint that his next project is with ‘Awe’ director Prasanth Varma. Till his last release, Rajasekhar had been working with routine directors who came up routine formulaic films.

After Praveen Sattaru, Rajasekhar seems to be following a new strategy. The guess is that his idea is to work with young talents. Prasanth Varma is busy with the Telugu remake of Bollywood blockbuster ‘Queen’. The actor took time to set the right director.