Rashmika Mandanna To Celebrate Real HeroesWith the unprecedented crisis and the havoc pandemic wreaked, it left a deep void in the lives of some. While celebrities are doing their bit by chipping in resources for medical kits, there are also the general public who are too putting in their effort sans publicity.

Rashmika Mandanna has now launched ‘Spreading Hopes’ which recognises the good work done by the unsung heroes amid the second COVID wave. The reason behind Rashmika starting this exudes positivity on social media by reading positive stories.

Rashmika wanted to celebrate the real cause being done by the unsung heroes and in order to showcase their incredible work, she launched ‘Spreading Hopes’ on social media. Rashmika believes that such stories will also motivate not just her but her followers too.

The Coorg beauty was all alone in Hyderabad house, when the second wave began. The alarming cases and news took a toll on her and to cope with the negativity she stayed away from news for a certain period. But she adds that it was willpower and positivity that made her stronger. Work wise, Rashmika is making her maiden Bollywood debut with Mission Majnu, followed by Good Bye. In the South, she has Pushpa.