Romantic TrailerThe trailer for yet another long-delayed film, Romantic, is out. It stars Akash Puri in the lead, whereas Ketika Sharma debuts as heroine. Puri Jagannadh provides the story, screenplay and dialogues.

Right from the start, the trailer is clear about what it wants to focus on. It shows the hot chemistry between the pair and their romance. The animalistic instinct in the ‘romance’ part is highlighted.

We then have Ramya Krishna playing a cop. The connection between her and the lead pair and their story seems to constitute the basic narrative of Romantic. We have to see if there is something more or if this is it, as far as the movie is concerned. The basic idea of ‘Attraction’ vs ‘Love’ is fine.

The highlight of the entire trailer undoubtedly is Ketika Sharma and a few of the words coming from Puri Jagannadh’s pen. Ketika has been utilised to the fullest based on the trailer. It would be no doubt a primary reason for youth to check out the movie.

Akash Puri looks confident like he has been previously. It needs to be seen if that is enough to hold the attention throughout the narrative.

Check out the trailer below. Anil Paduri directs the movie. Sunil Kashyap provides music to the erotic and intense romantic entertainer. It hits screens all over on October 29th.