Nikesha-Patel-Prabhu-Deva-Prabhu Deva and Nayantara’s episode has been in new for a while back then and the duo were expected to marry but nothing happened. Now again the dance master is in news with yet another heroine.

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Nikesha Patel who appeared romancing Pawan Kalyan in Puli, happened to say more than working with him, she would want to marry Prabhu Deva instead. This statement has been written confirming the wedding of the duo.

Finally, the girl came out to clarify the rumors via social media. “After many papers and websites carrying Prabhu deva sir news, I think it’s time to clarify that’s it’s not true …I’m not marrying anyone….he’s purely just a friend…And a wellwisher. I call him sir only.. “, She wrote.

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Well, after all Prabhu Deva is still single after the divorce during the Nayantara’s episode.