Ram Charan

The pre-wedding festivities of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant in Jamnagar, Gujarat, have stirred quite a buzz, drawing attention from all quarters.

On the inaugural day of the celebration, the trio of Salman, Shah Rukh, and Aamir electrified the stage with their performance to the chartbuster track “Naatu Naatu” from RRR.

Adding to the spectacle, Ram Charan, present at the event, was invited by SRK to join the ensemble. However, a remark made by King Khan, playfully referring to Ram as ‘idli,’ sparked criticism from online users.

The incident triggered reactions across social media platforms, with some slamming Shah Rukh Khan for racial insensitivity.

Upasana’s Makeup artist Zeba Hassan, expressing her disappointment on Instagram, highlighted the disrespect felt towards Ram Charan due to such remarks. She said she walked out of the event after she saw such disrespect for Ram Charan.

Social media users pointed out the larger issue of Bollywood’s tendency to normalize and disrespect South Indian stars, even in seemingly light-hearted contexts.

While acknowledging that Shah Rukh Khan might have intended his remark as a jest, many felt it crossed a line, causing discomfort even among his fans.

Shah Rukh Khan and Ram Charan have shared a strong bond of friendship for more than a decade now. However, Shah Rukh’s recent actions on stage, albeit well-intentioned, missed the mark.

Shah Rukh needs to recognize that using casual references to South Indian culture, like the term “idli,” can unintentionally perpetuate stereotypes and cause discomfort and embarrassment.