Sooseki (The Couple Song) Lyrical Video Pushpa 2 the Rule Allu Arjun

The makers of Pushpa 2 dropped the second single from their film, Sooseki a short while ago. The song is perceived to be an equivalent of the chartbuster ‘Saami Saami’ from the first part and so, the anticipation is high.

Good things first, Chandrabose lyrics are good, and the choice of vocals – Shreya Ghosal is apt. It is refreshing to see the makers use the visuals for the on-set rehearsals for the Lyrical Video.

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Going by the vibe and the dance movements (composed by Ganesh Acharya) we see in the video, the visuals are likely to be good.

The makers also ensured that ‘Reels Stuff’ would take the song to the audience.

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When the makers released the promo, the line – Sooseki Aggiravva Maadiri Untaade Na Saami caught up really well. The drum beat that comes towards the end indicates that the song will give an energetic high from there. But the surprise is the song is actually a melody.

The comparison with Saami Saami from the first part is null and void. In fact, Srivalli is the nearest for comparison as it is more of a melody with a recurring beat.

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However, the song composed by DSP still has a nice vibe and leaves us with a Good feeling.

We will have to see if it can grow to the extent of the hype the film is carrying in the repeat hearings.