Sukumar's-Upper-Hand-Over-RajamouliFilm industries across the country are like any other industries where there are many superstitions ruling and there is one such superstition about Rajamouli and his assistant directors. None of the assistant directors who worked with India’s top director made it big in the industry.

On the contrary, director Sukumar’s assistant directors seem to be faring quite well and they also have big back up from none other than their own boss, the director in the form of Sukumar Writings. The latest blockbuster ‘Uppena’ was director by Buchi Babu Sana who was Sukumar’s assistant director for several movies.

When Sukumar launched his production house Sukumar Writings, ‘Kumari 21 F’ was helmed by Palnati Surya Pratap and we know that the movie turned out to be a huge success with the small-time hero, debutante heroine and others.

This is one area where Sukumar is ahead of Rajamouli as the director is making sure that the young talent in the name of his assistant directors are getting proper chances to tell their stories, successfully.