Sumanth's Hype Talk on NTR BiopicSumanth is actively promoting his upcoming release ‘Subramanyapuram’ and during the promotional interviews, he was seen talking extensively about NTR’s biopic, his role, and Balakrishna’s transformation into the legend’s role. For a second, we were left wondering if we were watching the promotional interview for ‘Subramanyapuram’ or ‘NTR’.

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Well, the curiosity around NTR biopic is quite natural and with the kind of nearly perfect look Sumanth had mastered for portraying his grandfather ANR, the excitement to know more about the biopic will be high. Sumanth too did his part creating hype on ‘NTR’ and how Balakrishna was a perfect fit to play his father’s role.

It’s not only Balakrishna, but even Kalyan Ram is also playing his father Hari Krishna’s role in the biopic. Their closeness to the family member they are portraying is bringing that authenticity which is helping in the hype. Sumanth’s account of his experiences during the shooting and dubbing are also adding to the curiosity factor on the biopic.

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