Actor Sunil
Sunil was considered a star comedian in the 2000s. He made many films like Sontham, Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav, Manasantha Nuvve, Manmadhudu, Dubai Seenu, and many others memorable with his hilarious performance.

Then like it happens with many comedians, the bug to become a hero bit him. Though he had some success in the form of Andala Ramudu, Maryada Ramanna, and Poola Rangadu initially, he fizzled out later. It became difficult for him to even grab good comedian roles after that.

But slowly, Sunil is trying to create a mark for himself again. Lately, he has been seen doing roles in many small-budget films where he is charging 3-5 Lakhs per day shooting.

Inside reports suggest that he agrees to be part of any film that gives his remuneration, and the makers can also use his image in the posters and other promotional material. But he has made it clear that he wouldn’t participate in any kind of promotion for such films. This strategy of doing inconsequential roles in inconsequential films might be useful in earning some quick and easy money for Sunil, but in the long run, this tactic will not take him anywhere.

Recently he was seen in Bellamkonda Ganesh’s film Nenu Student Sir. Surprisingly, he got more cheers than the hero in the theaters. It seems there is still some craze for Sunil, and the Tollywood makers need to realize his potential and give him roles that justify his talent and timing.