Vishwak Sen

Vishwak Sen recently delivered the theatrical release ‘Gaami’ with a debutant director. Though ‘Gaami’ did not break any grounds in terms of the box office, the film surely earned goodwill due to the unique attempt made with a limited budget.

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He is already gearing up for his next film, ‘Gangs of Godavari,’ set to release on May 17th, hardly a couple of months since his latest release, ‘Gaami.’

Usually, if a hero’s film releases within such a short gap, it’s called misplanning, and audiences may not be interested in watching the same actor so soon, as the excitement diminishes.

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However, in Vishwak Sen’s scenario, ‘Gaami’ is a niche film and not for regular audiences, which might work in his favor.

Since ‘Gaami’ and ‘Gangs of Godavari’ are two extremely different genres, it might help avoid the above discussed problem to some extent for Vishwak.

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It is important for ‘Gangs of Godavari’ to deliver hit songs before the release to generate momentum for the film.