Taxiwaala-Gets-Into-The-Geetha-Govindam-PathThe Vijay Deverakonda starrer Geetha Govindam came out of nowhere and suddenly hit all the right notes. The result was a blockbuster deal for the lead actor. A major push for the film came from one single “Inkem Inkem Kavale” which took the hype on the movie to next level.

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Taxiwaala the new film from Vijay Deverakonda is treading the same path albeit on a slightly smaller note. There is also the delay factor, but once again a single is doing the trick. The first song from the movie “Maate Vinadhuga” sung by Sid Sriram of “Inkem Inkem Kavale” fame is a big hit. Well, it isn’t comparable to the scale of the Geetha Govindam’s song, but it is huge in its own way. We have to also keep in mind the genres of the movies too.

The complete album is going to come out soon on November 5th. If there is another song of the same calibre, it will surely help in the openings of Taxiwaala. Jakes Bejoy is making his Telugu debut as music director with the film. The Rahul Sankrityan directorial will hit the screens worldwide on November 16th.

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