Telugu Indian Idol Ep 7: Thaman Appears Grumpy!Telugu Indian Idol is one of the first singing reality shows on the Telugu internet space. The official version of the Indian Idol show, is streaming on Aha Video. Thaman, Nithya Menen, and Karthik are the judges of the show who auditioned the contestants and selected 12 members.

In the 7th episode, the special 12 round has begun with a special performance by host Sreerama Chandra along with the housemates. They crooned ‘La La Bheemla’ song to set the mood straight.

Participant 1: Lalasa
She crooned Madhurapuri Sadhana from Agnyathavaasi. She received positive compliments from all the judges. Lalasa happens to be a relative of the show host, Sreerama Chandra. The judges, on a funny note, asked Lalasa to explain their relationship and she also explained it in a comic manner. In the end, she revealed that Sreeram is her Mamayya (uncle).

Participant 2: Jayanth
Jayanth crooned Bombhat song from the film LIE. Surprisingly, Thaman commented that Jayanth sang it a hundred times better than the original singer and it filled him with happiness. The other judges also gave him good compliments.

Participant 3: Lakshmi Shravani
Lakshmi Shravani came out of her comfort zone and picked an item number, Dang Dang from Sarileru Neekevvaru. Karthik and Nithya were impressed by her performance but Thaman disliked it.

*Special Guest – Ram Miriyala*
Popular singer Ram Miriyala made a special appearance on the show as a special guest. He and Thaman jammed for ‘Bheemla Nayak’ title song and Ram was seated amidst the participants.

Participant 4: Srinivas
Srinivas crooned Nee Kallu Neeli Samudram from the film Uppena. He sang it so well and opened his voice perfectly. Karthik not only appreciated his voice but also complimented the Chorus team who supported the singer well. The other judges also sang it well. Srinivas’ father has come to the stage to share his feelings about son’s achievement. It was an emotional segment as he shared about his wife’s demise as well.

Participant 5: Vaishnavi
Vaishnavi, the 16-year-old singer in the reality show crooned the classical song ‘Sangeetha Sahitya’ from Swathi Kiranam. She also attempted an experiment by adding jazz hummings in between to make it a fusion. Altogether, it has come out well and impressed all the 3 judges. Thaman revealed that he already recorded a rap with Vaishnavi which he used in Bheemla Nayak towards the film’s end.

All the judges claimed it as the Blockbuster performance of the episode.

Participant 6: Jaskaran Singh
The Punjabi singer crooned Leherayi from Most Eligible Bachelor. All the three judges liked his singing. Since it is holi, Jaskaran’s father planned a surprise for him and came to Hyderabad all the way from Punjab to meet Jaskaran and celebrate the occasion. He also bought sweets for the judges.

*Thaman appeared Grumpy*
From the beginning of the episode, Thaman appeared grumpy. He wore an uncomfortable expression on his face and was also seen not enjoying the performances. It looks like he has some throat issues but his mood seems to be a little off. Despite cracking jokes and all, the ace music composer looks angry and we do not know the reason for the same!