Director-Teja-OTT-AnalysisFor a while now, there has been an argument that OTT viewing is eating into the theatrical market and it is, in a way, killing the theatrical runs of the majority of Telugu films. But dynamic filmmaker Teja begs to differ and here’s what he has to say.

“The Telugu population across the globe will be around 20 crores. Maybe 30 lakh of them regularly watch content on OTT. In that case, 15 lakh of them will never come to theatres. Roughly, the Telugu theatrical audience will be around 2-3 crores. They come to watch films in theatres. They don’t watch OTT” Teja said.

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The director went on to analyze that many tend to believe that OTT is everywhere and everyone is watching it. This is just their conception. Just because they watch OTT, it doesn’t mean everyone watches it.

While many top producers in the Telugu industry opine that OTT is eating into theatrical market and have even imposed 8-week no-OTT rule, Teja thinks otherwise.

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