The trailer of ‘The Lust – A Murder Mystery‘ is no different from the several sleazy adult movies that came before this one. Nothing different and in fact, too shady and of course, not for general audiences.

The trailer is infested with extreme thigh-show and cleavage show along with vulgar scenes that depict immoral and illegal relationships. The murder mystery is woven around an illegal relationship that revolves around lust.

Some faces of the actors are known and it’s hard to believe that they are part of its adult movie with such indecent content. There are a lot of scenes that may not cater to the tastes of audiences who like an adult movie for the heck of it.

Sri Rapaka of Ram Gopal’s Varma’s ‘Naked, Nagnam, Nanga’ fame is one of the lead actors in this sleazy fest. Nothing to worry about the content as it’s how these movies are and will be hereafter. An adrenaline rush for some, indeed!