There is nothing called a bad script - Vishnu Manchu

Vishnu Manchu recently completed a decade in the industry, in which he has completed only ten films. He says the reason being he was too cautious and spent more time on each project when was expected to work faster. He says he never stopped himself from doing a film because of bad script because he doesn’t believe in it.

He says there is nothing called a bad script. A script may or may not work because even a script that’s considered brilliant when not executed well may end up as a damp squib on screen. He says if there is something called as a bad script, then why would anyone at the first place even agree to work on it.

Vishnu is happy doing action-comedy as he feels he is cut out for it. He says whenever he did action films, the result was not in his favour, but when he laced comedy with action, he tasted success more than once.