Tillu Square Vs Family Star

Siddhu Jonnalagadda kicked off the summer season with a bang, delivering a resounding hit with Tillu Square. The film’s staggering worldwide gross of 25 crores on day 1 alone is nothing short of phenomenal, setting the box office on fire.

With the second-day collections also reaching mind-blowing figures, Tillu Square is poised to surpass the worldwide share of its predecessor, DJ Tillu, within just two days.

Looking ahead to next week, anticipation mounts for another much-awaited release, Family Star, starring Vijay Deverakonda in the lead role.

This film carries immense significance for all involved, from director Parasuram and producer Dil Raju to the charismatic hero Vijay Deverakonda himself.

As Tillu Square continues its dream run, three potential scenarios unfold for the upcoming week:

1. Family Star Opens Strong: If Family Star opens with a positive talk, drawing in audiences in large numbers, Tillu Square may face tough competition as the spotlight shifts to the new release.

2. Coexistence of Hits: Alternatively, there’s room for both films to thrive simultaneously during the summer season. If Tillu Square maintains its momentum and Family Star also impresses, both movies could emerge as big hits.

3. Tillu Square Dominates: Should Family Star fall short of expectations, Tillu Square could assert its dominance, establishing itself as the undisputed leader at the box office, turning the competition into a one-horse race.

4. The Last Scenario: If Family Star gets a talk better than Geetha Govindam. Vijay recently claimed that Family Star is Geetha Govindam on steroids. If it truly turns out to be the film that VD is expecting it to be, then it might put brakes on Tillu Square’s dream run at the box office.

As the week unfolds, it remains to be seen which scenario will unfold and how each film will impact the other’s collections, adding an element of suspense to the summer box office showdown.