Tollywood-Director-Sexting-Cheating-WifeHe is a young director of Telugu film industry. His first film was a big hit.

He is trying to stage a comeback banking on his past glory. The director is a big womanizer and is after every woman on the set. He is the same outside of the set as well.

Recently he had a fallout with his wife as well. This guy usually comes late at night and that is expected because Film people work late and do not have timings.

Even then, he does not retire to bed and is on his phone for hours together. After a few days, his wife became suspicious and started snooping on his phone.

To her shock, she found him sexting with her close friend. This guy met her only on a couple of occasions and his wife is shell-shocked how he got her number and made a relationship.

We are told that this incident has made his martial life shaky. This behavior has become a problem for his professional life as well. The tragedy is that he does not learn a lesson.