Prior to the release of Liger, Vijay Deverakonda made a bold claim as he said this film would gross well over Rs 200 crores at the box office. In the end, the film was a disaster at the box office, and Vijay’s tall claims led to trolls.

However, Vijay is a changed man now and the same was seen when he was asked about his assessment of Liger’s verdict.

“I was very much out there in the case of Liger. The prediction went wrong horribly and it led to trolls. So I have imposed a disciplinary restriction against myself. I won’t speak about the box office prospects of at least three of my upcoming films. I will let my work do the talking.” Vijay said.

This is a wise move from Vijay not to pass out productions on his films before their release. It is all good if the film works, but if it doesn’t, then there will be trolls, as was seen in the case of Liger. So, Vijay is better off letting his work do the talking which is a change he claims to have brought in, and this is a positive reinforcement.