Two Big Doubts Over Balakrishna's AkhandaNandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati Srinu have come together for two big blockbusters – Simha and Legend. The third in their combination, Akhanda has almost completed its production. Only one song of the film is yet to be shot. Meanwhile, there are two big doubts about the film in fans.

Reports are that actress Pragya Jaiswal has shot for over 60 days for the film. Usually, heroines do not have much bandwidth in Balakrishna’s films. Fans are wondering if there is too much of romance in the movie which will not augur the expectations of Balakrishna’s films.

And then, there are reports that the team has shot the action part for over 80 days. There is no other film in Tollywood except for Baahubali to have shot so many days for the action part. But then, action is the strength of the Balayya – Boyapati combination and so, they are not worried.

As things stand today, Akhanda is likely to release in October.