Watching Maharaja on IPTV

Vijay Sethupathi’s latest emotional Tamil drama, ‘Maharaja,’ has received good reviews for its engaging screenplay and terrific performance by Sethupathi.

As OTT services are not enough these days, many Desis in the U.S. are using IPTV, which allows them to stream a large number of movies, TV channels along with sports.

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With positive reviews, especially from folks in the U.S., many are watching ‘Maharaja’ on IPTV at home and praising the film in their WhatsApp groups, recommending that a good print of the Telugu version is available on IPTV.

It’s a Tamil film, and these days, if a good Telugu dubbed print is available to watch at home, it can further dent the film’s revenues as people find it convenient to watch at home.

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Using illegal services like IPTV puts the entire industry at risk, so it is better to avoid streaming via piracy. However, there isn’t much anyone can do to stop it.