Sandeep Vanga

​Sandeep Reddy Vanga attempted another unconventional film, ‘Animal’, which has received mixed reviews across industries.

Due to Ranbir’s star power and an engaging first half, the film is performing well overseas and in Hindi. However, in Telugu, despite massive pre-release buzz, the box office performance is just average. There’s hardly any buzz about ‘Animal’ in other languages like Tamil.

There are two perspectives Sandeep Reddy Vanga can look at  this outcome:

1. He can look at Hindi version collections and convince himself that he delivered a hit film.

2. He can look at the loss and work smarter on his next film. Here, the loss occurred because the film had massive buzz, but due to Animal’s weak second half, the post-release hype died down quickly, and everyone, except a small section, forgot about this film in other languages though it is projected as a pan-India film. It just became another Friday release that came and went quickly.

The situation is the same with Lokesh Kanagaraj’s ‘LEO’ as well. The film had massive buzz, but after its release, ‘LEO’ also suffered from a weak second half, which limited its potential in other languages. Leo did well in Tamil due to Vijay’s star power.

These directors can either feel content that their films performed well in one language and use it as an excuse, or they can recognize the significant setback caused by the weak second half, resulting in a failure to capitalize on the massive pre-release buzz.

These two films will not have any negative impact on these directors, but the reality is that they couldn’t deliver content that matched the hype.