Vijay Deverakonda

Vijay Deverakonda, a potential star whose last big hit was Geetha Govindam in 2017, still commands a strong following. But the star is waiting for a potential hit for a long time but that one hit is evading him.

He aimed for a grand entry into pan-India cinema, but Puri’s Liger fell through. Liger’s box office result, the critical backlash it received, and the humiliation from the Public hurt Vijay for a long time.

The immediate project Kushi also did not give him respite. Kushi was delayed for a long time due to Samantha’s health issues, affecting the film’s budget. Ultimately, it ended up as an average performer both critically and commercially.

Vijay intended to recreate the Geetha Govindam success with the same director, Parasuram Petla for a big Sankranthi release, banking on its festive advantage to achieve career-highest numbers. He requested his #VD12 producer Naga Vamsi to allow him six months time to allow #VD13 (Family Star) to be completed first so that he can take the festival advantage.

Vijay hoped that the Sankranthi advantage will make the numbers game easy. However, the film has now been officially pushed to a March 2024 release.

The festival advantage is also lost now. Like that, Vijay was unlucky for three times in a row.