Bollywood actresses are not apprehensive when it comes to glamour shows. They don’t slow down after marriage either. For those doubting this fact, Deepika Padukone is here to clear the doubts.

Soon after the marriage, Deepika put on a sizzling hot show in Pathaan as she was seen in skimpy outfits and putting on sensuous dance moves. Her glamour feast greatly helped the film. And now, she is back at it with her next film, Fighter.

The teaser of Fighter was unveiled today and there is this one particular shot featuring Deepika and Hrithik Roshan that has caught the eye. There is a lot of oomph factor in the shot as we see Deepika and Hrithik sharing great chemistry.

The skin show from Deepika is top-notch and leaves glamour lovers drooling. The actress clearly has no qualms when it comes to skin show and if anything, she has amped it up a notch after the marriage.

While South Indian actresses greatly tone down glamour shows or even quit acting after marriage, Bollywood, more so, Deepika are stoic opposite.