Adipurush ControversyPrabahs’s mythological action epic Adipurush is set for its theatrical release on the 16th of this month and the stakes are exceptionally high on the same.

Coming to the topic, there’s a new controversy pertaining to Adipurush on social media. But it has very little credence.

The controversy is regarding the leading lady, Kriti Sanon who plays Sita Devi in the film.

A few Bollywood cinema followers are saying that Kriti is unfit to play Sita Devi role. They’re citing her recent filmography as a reason for the same.

“Kriti has done many glamour bomb roles and has put on skin shows. She is known for item songs. She might be a good person in real life but her filmography is opposite to holy Sita Devi character” a netizen commented.

“Kriti might be a decent person in real life, but her dance routines in Bollywood movies are completely vulgar. Definitely the wrong person to play the role of the pious Sita who is considered mother by Hindus.” Another netizen commented.

They’re even sharing pics of Kriti in these skimpy outfits to prove their point.

But this is a Stone Age mindset. An actor is bound to play diverse roles. Doing spicy songs is a must for almost all Bollywood actresses and Kriti is no exception. She should be judged on her merit in Adipurush but not on her previous films.