Nara Rohit M9 News Interview

Nara Rohit’s last film was released in 2018, and after a long gap, he is making a comeback with “Prathinidhi 2” just before AP goes for elections. M9 News interviewed Nara Rohit ahead of the release of “Prathinidhi 2” on April 25th.

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We asked him why a second part for Prathinidhi which happens to be a special film in his career and why an inexperienced director Murthy to handle such an important project of his career.

“We did not plan the film as Prathinidhi 2 initially. But when we started to travel, the film felt close to Prathinidhi and we felt it is apt for the film. Murthy has immense clarity about the story, the characters, etc. Also, being a journalist, he know the nuances of being journalist better than anyone. I liked his clarity and did not have any doubts about his calibre,” Rohit said.

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He rubbished the allegations that Prathinidhi 2 is a propaganda film.

“Just because my surname is Nara, people says so. If it is not Nara, it would have been a neutral film. But unfortunately I can not change my surname. I will not bother about such people. They will understand once the film releases,” he said.

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He also explained the idea behind the Freebies dialogue in the trailer which seemed like indirectly hitting the YSR Congress party in Andhra Pradesh.

When asked about his break from films, he explained how he felt he fell into a loop and is not knowing what he is doing.

“I wanted a break to come out. Also, my father’s health is another major reason. We had to go to hospital many times. He is stable now,” he said.

We also asked Rohit about YSR Congress’ Propaganda about Chandrababu Naidu ignoring his brother Ram Murthy Naidu (Rohit’s father) before 2019 elections using Junior NTR’s father-in-law. He also explained what Chandrababu Naidu means to his family.

He also clarified Sakshi’s allegations that Rohit does films only when TDP is in power to convert Black Money.

We also asked him about the Mood of Andhra Pradesh now.