Actor Nani has 2 releases in second half of 2012. Eega was a super hit and Yeto Vellipoindhi Manasu failed to create the buzz. However, the actor was elevated to hero status to a star with the 2 movies. His good screen presence has got him good number of female and family audience as fans. But it is always a hazard for an upcoming star to be away from cinema for about an year that too after delivering a flop. But Nani had to since Paisa got postponed due to financial issues.

Despite all these, Nani managed to stay in limelight and good books of audience. The actor is being very nice to media and they are giving positive coverage to the actor. Anyways, the actor will be having 3 releases in the next 12 months (Paisa, Jenda Pai Kapiraju, Yash Raj Films movie). The result of these three movies will decide his future course of action. If at least 2 of them become Super hits, then there will be no stopping to him.