Till yesterday Simbu and Hansika were the most happening couple in tinsel town but as fate would have it they are no longer a couple. But what lead to their breakup is a question that needs answer to? The buzz is that Simbu’s father T. Rajendar was not happy with the fact that the actor was getting ready to marry a north Indian.

Apparently, when Simbu was dating Nayantara, his father didn’t have a problem because she was a south Indian. But soon after the marriage of his daughter, Rajendar had expressed his disagreement over Simbu dating Hansika. Besides this, the couple were going through a lot of pressure in the last few months and were not able to spend time with each other. We don’t know if there were any more reasons for their breakup.

In July last year, Simbu and Hansika confirmed they were in a relationship. They have ended their relationship well before the end of a year. Will this affect their future working relationship?