Salaar DunkiPrabhas and Prashant Neel are two of the biggest names in Induan cinema. The stakes are high on their upcoming film, Salaar. The film is now announced for its theatrical release on 22 December which coincides with the release plan of SRK’s Dunki.

Now, the discussion is about the box office class that is to engulf pertaining to the clash between Salaar and Dunki.

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SRK had already locked the 22 December slot for Dunki, and now, Salaar has locked the exact same slot for Salaar.

Being a mass actioner marking the collab of Prabhas and Prashanth Neel, Salaar has the coming together of Baahubali hero and KGF director. This will be a huge prospect in the Hindi belt as well, apart from the customary South belt.

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As for Dunki, it is a class film which also marks the collab of supertar SRK and blockbuster director Hirani. But clashing with a mass film like Salaar is a risky proposition for Dunki which otherwise has a huge pull in the wider segments.

Dunki will be huge in the North belt but in the South belt, where SRK is slowly gaining momentum with Pathan and Jawaan, clashing with Salaar isn’t ideal. This will eat into its prospects.

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Now that Salaar has locked the 22 December slot, it has to be seen how the makers of Dunki will react. Will they go for a clash? Or will they stick to this slot? If the latter happens, it will be a huge clash between North superstar and South superstar. We have to see how things unfold.