Sree Vishnu Insults and hardships are a part and parcel of the film industry and Telugu cinema is no stranger to the same. Here is one such incident involving young actor Sree Vishnu.

In a recent interview, Sree Vishnu said, “I once gave an audition for a role in a very big Telugu film. One of the associate directors who was working on the film asked me to enact a scene and gave me a 4-page monologue.”

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“I byhearted the monologue in under an hour and gave the audition. The associate director found fault in my audition and said I made 2-3 changes to the monologue. He then troubled me by asking to repeat the same monologue again. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. 5-6 years later, he approached me with a script and he was backed by a top production house. I green signalled the project,” Vishnu said.

Sree Vishnu went from being insulted by an associate director for not narrating a monologue to then listening to a full script narration from the same person and green signalling the project. He should have felt good while taking this revenge, albeit a sweet and classy one. One can only wonder who this director is.

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Sree Vishnu’s latest outing, Raja Raja Chora is out in theaters now. He is being lauded for his fine performance in the comedy caper.