Karthik Raju’s forthcoming venture Atharva is a multi-lingual film that is getting ready for release. Simran Choudhary and Ayraa played heroines in this movie directed by Mahesh Reddy under the banner of Peggo Entertainments. Today, the film’s trailer was dropped.

Going by the trailer, Atharva is a gripping investigative thriller where Karthik Raju will be seen as Clues Team officer. The story revolves around the murder case of a Tollywood actress. Although there are some suspects in the case, including the actress’s boyfriend, the team fails to find single evidence.

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Mahesh Reddy has come up with an intriguing story and made it in a captivating manner with a racy screenplay. Karthik Raju impresses big time with his power-packed performance. Sricharan Pakala brings intensity with his superb background score.

On the whole, the trailer creates curiosity to watch the movie which is scheduled for release on December 1st.

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