Oscar Winner Chandra Bose

So far, no movie has come with a smell-based thrilling concept. A film called ‘Perfume’ is coming up with such a new concept. Starring CheNag and Prachi Thaker under the banner of Fragrance Manifestation, JD Swamy is directing, while J.Sudhakar, Shiva B, Rajkumar B, Srinivas Lavuri Rajender Kanukuntla, and Sridhar Akkineni (USA) are producing it. Ajay is providing the music. The film will have a grand release on November 24th. Meanwhile, the pre-release event of the movie was held on Thursday. During the event, the film’s unit felicitated Oscar Award winner Chandra Bose. Assistant Police Commissioner S Vishnu Murthy Garu, IRS Murali Mohan Garu, Green Horse Company President Praveen Reddy, and Acharya Bhattu Ramesh were the chief guests who wished the film unit all the best.

Hero CheNag said, “JD narrated the idea of Perfume two years ago. We went to many people. But some people did not understand this story. Finally, I played this character myself. Ravuri Srinivas, Siva, Sudhakar, Rajeev, Rajendra and others led me forward. Chandra Bose garu has been supporting from the start. I will never forget Suchitra Chandra Bose’s help. A story with a smelling obsession has never been seen on the Indian screen. There are many layers in this movie. My character has dark shades. I will never find such a good character again.”

Popular lyricist Chandra Bose said, “I have written 3700 songs so far. A song was written and sung about me today. Thanks to the team for giving me that song as a gift. I got emotional watching the Oscar moment again. JD has directed this movie brilliantly. Ajay gave very nice tune for the song written by me. The cameraman captured it brilliantly. All the best to my wife Suchitra who choreographed a song in this. I wish a good name and fame for the director and producers.”

Avasarala Srinivas said, “Nagesh worked as an assistant director for my film. He has many creative thoughts. I want this movie to bring him a good name. I want the film to be a big hit.”

Director J.D. Swamy said, “If you make a film with a new point, you will definitely get a good reward. My mentor Chandra Bose garu is my inspiration. Our film is coming on November 24. Everyone should watch it in the theatre and bless us.”

Music director Bheems Ceciroleo said, “All the best to the team. Chandra Bose is our inspiration. He has become the biggest pillar of support for this movie. In my life, song is the perfume.”

Heroine Prachi Thaker said, “I played the role of Leela in the movie. This is the first time; I have done a movie in this genre. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me such a good opportunity.

Music director Ajay said, “It was a pleasure to work with Chandra Bose. Our whole team also supported me a lot. I started dreaming of becoming a music director, listening to Devi Sri Prasad’s songs.”

Cameraman Mahesh said, “Nageshwar is my friend. I wanted to work on this film for my friend. Lyrics by Chandra Bose and music by Ajay are the big assets. I want the audience to make this movie a success.”