The Gray Man Is a World for the Audience to Immerse Themselves Into - Russo BrothersNetflix is coming up with the Russo brothers’ next action blockbuster, The Gray Man, starring some of the biggest actors from across the globe, and is set to have the audience on the edge of their seats. Developing the journey of The Gray Man from a book to film, the Russo brothers revealed why the story stood out and appealed to them.

Known for their action films, the Russo brothers divulged, “It took nine years to make this film because of our busy schedule. We were in awe of Mark Greaney’s writing and the amount of research he does. We are always on a quest to develop interesting sideways to a genre. Having been inspired by the 70s thrillers that we grew up on, The Gray Man encompasses the themes of a very complex political and rebelling against the system, and we have reflected on our own fears about the world. Considering the peculiar genre of the film, we wanted to create a world for the audience to immerse themselves in; thus, we have an incredible cast that has a level of detail and thought and back story to them.”

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With an all-new approach to cinematography adopted, The Gray Man was shot in seven different locations including Los Angeles, France, the Czech Republic, Thailand, Croatia, Austria and Azerbaijan. Tapping again on his inspiration from the 70s classic cinema Joe Russo also said, “The Gray Man has that energy, that compulsion, and the compressed time frame that makes you sit on the edge of your seat while you’re watching the story unfold.”

Block your calendars, Russo Brothers are back with another blockbuster -The Gray Man is exclusively coming on Netflix on the 22nd of July

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