Sapne Vs Everyone Web Series Review

Emotionally Charged Drama


YouTube – TVF Original

What Is the Film About?

Sapne Vs Everyone is about two dreamers with different mindsets and how they meet in the process of achieving their dreams. The emotional struggles they face and how they both achieve their goals form the core of the story.


Ambrish Verma plays more of a lead role; his screen presence and ease in body language are excellent and help hook the viewer. He brings the required swag and body language in just the right doses.

Paramvir Singh Cheema portrays the honest and somewhat naive shades well, doing full justice to the role. This is why the climax of the finale works so effectively. The subtle emotions he carries throughout the show add to its emotional depth, which is crucial, and he delivers on this front.

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Ambrish and Paramvir are like the two eyes of ‘Sapne Vs Everyone’, and if one of them fails to deliver or overacts, the show will not work. Here, the best part is that both do full justice to their roles.

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“Sapne Vs Everyone” is written and directed by Ambrish Verma, who previously acted in and directed a couple of well-known web series.

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Ambrish has chosen a simple yet relatable tale that appears straightforward and simple, yet he is highly successful in generating enough emotions.

Firstly, the show relies on two lead actors, Ambrish (also the director) and Paramvir, and Ambrish is successful in extracting what is needed for the show.

For a show like “Sapne Vs Everyone” to succeed, writing is extremely crucial, and it stands out along with dialogue work, making an impact throughout.

The show takes time to make a connection, but once the character establishment and conflicts are clear, there is no looking back until the finale episode.

What could have been done better is a sense of déjà vu, and it feels like there is more scope to go all out, but that does not happen, even though the director’s take will not disappoint.

The best part is after all that long drama, the climax wrap-up lands so neatly that it is sure to give you a satisfying feeling after watching around 6 hours of the web series.

Overall, “Sapne Vs Everyone” is a surefire hit for drama fans with its excellent casting and emotional depth. Just give it time, and the show will take you to a satisfying emotional climax.

Performances by Others Actors

Naveen Kasturia, playing the role of a music teacher, needs to inspire his small kids in class while also making a connection with the viewer through his inspirational dialogue delivery or performance. He does this well, and his role has an underlying connection to the core story. He delivers what is expected of him.

Vijayant Kohli, in the negative role of a rich and rigid goon, delivers a solid impact through his screen presence. Though his scenes feel limited, his impact can’t be missed.

Vaisakh Shankar plays the typical shrewd businessman role, and he delivers his act. There are many other actors who perform their roles nicely – Jairoop Jeevan, Sukhwinder Chahal, and Neeta Mohindra stand out among them.

Music and Other Departments?

Akaash Mukherjee composes the music for ‘Sapne Vs Everyone’, and his background score elevates the show throughout, especially in crucial scenes. His score is on par with the standards of any big production OTT show. Akaash tried to twist the popular BGM from Arjun Reddy in a few scenes, which could have been easily avoided, as it always seemed like a copy or inspiration, which isn’t necessary in this case. But the good thing is, it is used in only a few scenes.

The same applies to the cinematography by Georgy John. The show maintains a high-quality look throughout, never giving the impression that we are watching a low-budget web series on YouTube.

TVF deserves true appreciation for this.


Selection of the cast

Acting performances


Effectiveness of emotional elements

Production quality

Conclusion (Climax)


Sugar-coated key scenes

Playing it safe in critical moments

Pacing issues

Sense of déjà vu

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?

Yes, If you appreciate emotional dramas and are willing to invest the time

Sapne Vs Everyone Webseries Review by M9