Telangana Congress is always in the news for having way too many aspirants for the CM post. They haven’t yet claimed the government position in the new state but have no shortage of CM candidates.

The likes of Jana Reddy, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, and several others always stake their claim at the Telangana Congress CM candidate post, apart from the obvious favorite, Revanth Reddy who is the TPCC chief now.

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Now, Congress’s central high command has reacted to the aspect of having multiple CM candidates as party senior Chidambaram has an interesting comment to make.

“If Congress has 12 CM candidates, it means we have 12 capable leaders who can lead the party. This is our strength and not a weakness. Having so many capable leaders is a boon for any party” Chidambaram said.

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While BRS and other parties often make fun of Congress for having too many CM aspirants, the Congress high command is thinking the other way around. But the main aim for Congress now should be to first come to power in the state before assessing the CM candidates.

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